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A step towards the future.

Enter the new era of digital signage.

Use 3D holograms to create the next-generation contents.

Tell the customer about your brand and your products in an effective way never seen before.


It is a versatile and innovative technology. 

The main benefits of
HYPERVSN technology





Better performance than 2D displays

More loyalty

88% of audiences who view holograms show excitement and interest.


Therefore, you have a better chance that the potential customer will trust your brand.

Viewing time increased

Thanks to the installation of 3D holograms, you increase the viewing time of the message shown by 40%.

Get more engagement and opportunities to interact with your clients.

Greater chance of being seen

Compared to traditional 2D displays, digital holographic signs are twice as likely to be seen.

Increase the possibility that the customer will notice you and come to you for information or to buy.

Brand perception

With 3D holograms, the audience remembers you and your brand.

Communicate your values and what you offer to your customers in an innovative way and increase sales.


Let's find out together the most suitable solution for your project and your business.

Explore the products of HYPERVSN

HYPERVSN SmartV display.png

SmartV Solo device

Revolutionary LED based single fan technology.


Create a compact hologram that allows users to view and manipulate 3D images that float in the air. SmartV Solo is available in two versions, 56 cm or 75 cm in diameter.

HYPERVSN SmartV Frame.png

Smart Wall configuration

The SmartV Wall setup is a large-scale 3D viewing solution made up of multiple SmartV Solo devices.


Increase audience impact and content reach with holographic displays of epic proportions.​ You can create digital holographic signs of any size and configuration.


Progetto senza titolo-2_edited.png

SmartV Holographic Human configuration

Made up of 3 SmartV Solo L devices, the SmartV Holographic Human setup creates a life-size 3D hologram of a human being.


Talk to your audience using your ambassador, influencer or employee and customize your brand. 

The size of the hologram is 225 x 75 cm.

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