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ARHT Media

Moving people, in exceptional ways, eliminating the barriers of space and time and saving the planet.​

3 wonderful steps
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How does Holopresence work?

It is divided into 3 phases: Capture, Transmit and Project.

Stage 1: Capture

The speaker is recorded in a Capture Studio for both live streaming and pre-recorded holograms.

Step 2: Transmit

The speaker is transmitted via the Internet in real time through the patented ARHT Engine system.

Step 3: Project

The speaker appears live as a realistic hologram on the H-series or Capsule [LIVE] displays in natural proportions and with the possibility of interacting in real time.

Explore the patented products
of ARHT Media

ARHT-ExampleImage-H10 HoloPresence Display-General_edited.jpg

H-series displays

Holographic screens of different sizes to project a person in hologram in real time and in natural size.

Designed for a low-lighted setting, with the aim of having a great impact on the audience and giving greater reputation to the presentation and the speaker.



Holographic technology in 4K and plug&play, suitable for all lighting conditions.

Designed to project people in holograms in real time and pre-recorded, or for promotional installations in experiential marketing, thanks to the touch screen function.

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