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About us

With the idea of revolutionizing the world of communication and improving the quality of remote meetings and conferences, Phil Taylor founded Apparition, the Italian startup of 3D holograms.

Apparition was born in 2021 in Bologna and works with companies operating both in Italy and in Europe.

LOGO 3D AP.png

Our mission

Our goal is to bring the best holographic technology on the market to Italian companies.

In a world where online communications dominate the daily scene, virtual interactions have accustomed us to talking via flat screen PCs or emails. Communication needs more human connections and the experience of talking face to face. With Apparition, all of this is possible, thanks to the 3D hologram revolution.

Core Values


We stand out for our honesty towards our customers and we demonstrate it with consolidated professional ethics.


Innovation is the beating heart of Apparition and represents our next generation and revolutionary technology.


We create a network of people because we believe that communication can unite the community.

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