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The Use Cases for 3D holograms

Holographic technology can be used in a lot of different contexts.



Create your breathtaking event with our holograms. It can be a workshop, a project presentation, a conference or assembly. For any event, we can integrate seamlessly our technology and ensure that you are remembered by your guests as a promoter of innovation.



Set up your stand at the exhibition with our holographic technology to capture the attention of potential customers and bring them closer to you.

Describe your company and your products or services in an innovative way and distinguish yourself from your competitors at the exhibition.



Thanks to holograms it is possible to design a more immersive type of training. Without the use of 3D glasses, but with Holopresence you can project a teacher anywhere in the world as a hologram, in real time and in scale

1 :1.



Whether they are remote lessons, such as seminars or conferences in which the teacher travels as a hologram or the setting up of an immersive museum with holographic technology, the choice of our 3D holograms brings with it the value of the opportunity, to raise the quality of the education and to offer it to as many people as possible.



Transform your shop windows with 3D holograms and give your customers a new shopping experience.

With our technology it is possible to project any product, choosing from different configurations to customize it in shape and size.

Corporate meetings


Say goodbye to travel and PC video calls. With Holopresence you are there as a 3D hologram at your meetings, in real time, in natural size.

Holographic telepresence is the revolutionary way to communicate remotely without wasting time, with greater impact and, above all, reducing CO2 emissions.

Experiential marketing

marketing esperienziale.png

The new era of marketing is here.

Find out how 3D holograms can revolutionize marketing in your business. From more immersive realities, to a more realistic perception of products and services, to gamification processes, with the possibility for customers to touch the holograms by hand.

The multiple solutions are applicable in retail, events, fairs and in any context where the goal is to enhance the communication experience through an innovative technology never seen before.

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