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What we can do for you with our holographic technology.


Our purchasing solution offers the best technology on the market in terms of efficiency and product quality with post-purchase assistance from our specialized technicians.

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We offer short and long-term rental packages, with personalized services depending on the context of use.

Our all-inclusive solutions always include installation, disassembly, maintenance and on-site assistance.

Event in Holopresence

Project your 3D hologram speaker in real time and full scale from anywhere in the world.


How Holopresence works > 

3D content creation

We work with the best 3D modelers and animators to provide our customers with holograms with a wow effect never seen before.

Do you need 3D content?

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Capture Studio

We create an Italian network where people can travel anywhere in the world as a hologram, simply by going to the hub of the nearest city. The hubs to be recorded in (for live streaming or not) are called Capture Studio.

Do you need a recording studio with a green or white screen, professional lights and a 4k video camera? Reserve a Capture Studio now >

“Luck does not exist: there is a moment when talent meets opportunity.”

Lucio Anneo Seneca

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