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Holographic projectors

With holographic projectors you can talk about a product, a service or show a person as a hologram anywhere in the world and in real time.

What is a Holographic Projector?

What differentiates a holographic projector from a traditional projector is the surface onto which the beam of light is projected.

Commonly, when we speak of a hologram projector we think of a three-dimensional image that can be touched by hand. In reality, it doesn't work like that. This type of technology, in fact, is not yet feasible or in any case would require exorbitant implementation costs.

A professional 3D holographic projector is an excellent quality projector that is able to recreate holograms thanks to the projection of the contents onto a specific surface, i.e. a net painted with a highly reflective substance. Thanks to the property of the paint, the 2D image projected by the light beam will appear in three dimensions. The object or person is perceived as physically there, but what happens is an optical illusion.

How do hologram projectors work?


There are not only holographic projectors.

The 3D hologram is not only generated with holographic projectors.

There is also another technology based on LEDs, which recreates the three-dimensionality of objects or people. In slang, they are called "led fan" or "holographic fan", precisely because they are small motors with four rotating rays that resemble fans.

Epic sized holograms

Holographic configurations for larger holograms

Holographic fans are also made for large holograms. It is a modular, highly customizable technology that allows various holographic devices to connect to each other in order to create real 3D hologram walls, reaching epic dimensions.

Holographic Ads

Professional holographic projectors for advertising

One of the major uses of holographic projectors is advertising. Thanks to the wow effect of this technology, creativity and high level of persuasion, 3D holograms become perfect for attracting the attention of potential customers and increasing sales.

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