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Holographic technologies

Get unlimited potential.

We are partners with the world's best manufacturers of holographic technology,

because our goal is to give the opportunity to the customer to obtain the maximum communication experience for his business

with products reliable and of the highest quality.

ARHT Media

It's a Canadian company that has patented Holopresence, the technology that allows you to be projected yourself anywhere in the world as a hologram, in real time and in natural scale.

We are the exclusive Italian partners of ARHT Media and we offer solutions for both real-time and pre-recorded events, as well as interactive installations for immersive realities and experiential marketing.


The best LED based technologies for the new era of 3D digital signs.

As authorized resellers ​HYPERVSN, we offer temporary or permanent installations in exhibitions, events, shops, conferences, receptions, restaurants, bars and any occasion or place where the goal is to create involvement, capture attention, entertain and increase sales.

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