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  • How long does it take to assemble a Holographic Human?
    Our specialized team takes about 3 hours to assemble a Holographic Human, however we ask to be able to assemble, when possible, the day before any event, in order to offer maximum professionalism.
  • How do I upload 3D content?
    Contents are uploaded through a dedicated CMS in an easy and intuitive way. For rental solutions, our team takes care of uploading the contents; while for shopping solutions, Apparition provides training of the CMS. All the contents are then usable through the free app for smartphones and tablets.
  • What are the sizes of a SmartV Solo?
    There are two sizes available for the SmartV Solo device. The M version is 56 cm in diameter, while the L version is 75 cm in diameter. Larger sizes can be obtained, as the technology is modular. Setting up two or more devices synced together is called Wall.
  • How long does it take to install a SmartV Solo device with Tripod and the protective Dome?
    Our specialized team takes about 30 minutes to assemble this solution. Usually, for events, we ask you to set up at least 2 hours in advance so that we can offer maximum professionalism.
  • Where is the projector?
    LED based technology does not require a projector to reproduce holograms. The beams of the device rotate at very high speed and, through an optical illusion, recreate the animated 3D content.
  • What is the resolution of the 3D contents?
    The resolution varies depending on the size of the configuration. The SmartV Solo versions have a resolution of 1080x1080 px for the M version, and 1000x1000 px for the L version.
  • What are the fields of use and product sectors?
    From retail to events, from exhibitions to entertainment. This holographic technology is mainly used to capture attention, to evoke emotions and to personalize the brand. It is a technology suitable for any product sector, as long as there is the need to show a product, tell about a service or leave a testimony in an innovative way.
  • Does this also work for live streaming?
    No, for this type of use, we recommend a different product, called Capsule.
  • How long does it take to assemble a Wall?
    It depends on its size. For example, for a Wall made up of 6 SmartV Solo L devices, our specialized team takes about 5 hours to mount it entirely with protective Plex Guard. When possible, we ask to be able to set up the day before any event, so that we can offer the best service.
  • How far can it be seen?
    The device was designed to be seen at any distance, even a great distance. This depends on how high it is installed and the chosen configuration (its size). At the same distance, holographic technology has more visibility than a traditional 2D LED wall.
  • Can 3D content only be viewed from the front?
    Yes, the angle of visibility is about 180°.
  • What is the guarantee on the purchase?
    The warranty follows the EU regulations on the subject, therefore 24 months.
  • What happens if I touch the device while it is spinning?
    The device stops immediately and the hand is not injured. However, it is possible to get hurt. We prefer to protect it with the appropriate accessories (Dome, Plex Guard, etc.) to avoid injuries or damage to the technology.
  • What is the format of 3D content?
    The 3D contents loaded on the holographic devices are in .mp4 format with animations and special effects on a black RGB (000) background.
  • Is it possible to use pre-recorded content with ARHT Media technology?
    Of course, Holopresence works in both live streaming and pre-recorded.
  • What is a Capture Studio?
    The Capture Studio is a studio. where the the image of a persone is captured which will then be transmitted in real time in hologram to another place. It consists of a green or white screen, professional lights, a 4K video camera, microphones and earphones, a support monitor for the speaker and a computer with the patented Arht Engine software, which allows transmission in holopresence.
  • What is the Internet connection speed required for Holopresence?
    We require a minimum upload and download speed of 10 Mb/s and a connection to the network via Ethernet is preferable. The optimal speed is 50 Mb/s always in upload and download.
  • Can the person projected in the hologram interact with the audience on the other side?
    Yes, the speaker is equipped with a screen connected to a webcam that films the audience for the entire duration of the telecommunication and earphones to listen to his audience. This audience has microphones with which to communicate and interact with the hologram if necessary.
  • Is it easy to carry the Capsule?
    Despite its significant size and weight, the Capsule is a single piece and is easily transported with a porterage service, which we at Apparition take care of completely.
  • Do you have to set up the Capture Studio yourself?
    Partly yes, our team needs to take care of at least the connection between the video camera and our computer, on which the patented Arht Engine software is installed which allows the transmission of the hologram to the place of projection.
  • How long does it take to install the H10 Full Display?
    Our expert team requires about 3-4 hours of installation, for this reason, when possible, we ask to be able to assemble the day before the event.
  • What are the Capture Studio requirements?
    The minimum equipment of a green studio is fine, we equip it with our computer and Arht Engine software for live streaming and, possibly, additional lights and 4K video camera, if they are not already present.
  • What are the sizes of the Capsule?
    The Capsule is 220 x 137 x 80 cm and it weighs 250 kg.
  • Can I install Capture Studio in my home without having to move?
    Of course.
  • Can multiple people from different locations live stream?
    Yes, of course. The only requirement is that each person is in a Capture Studio connected with our AE software.
  • What is the deadline to organize a Holopresence event?
    The optimal timing is a minimum of 2 weeks. However, our advice is to interface with our team anyway, because it is possible to organize a Holopresence event even in less time.
  • Do you have Capture Studio installed worldwide?
    As the exclusive Italian partner with ARHT Media, we take care of any Capture Studio or Projection Stage installation throughout Italy. Furthermore, we are part of a global network of exclusive ARHT partners around the world, with as many Capture Studio and Projection Stage.
  • Is there a latency in the Holopresence transmission?
    The ARHT Streaming Network provides two-way communication over a public network with minimal latency. To provide uninterrupted video streaming we require a stable Internet connection with good quality of service. Thanks to the ARHT Engine software, there is no noticeable latency at 0.3 seconds using 10Mbps data rate.
  • What is the size of the H10 Full Display?
    The display itself is 3 x 2.6 m. However, the total size of the installation is approximately 5 x 3 x 3 m.
  • How long does it take to install the Capsule?
    The Capsule is one plug&play piece and it requires no assembly. Our expert team will still have to adjust some parameters for the live streaming or pre-recorded event, therefore we ask for at least 2 hours of time and, if possible, install the technology the previous day.
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